February 26, 2001


Mr. Bill Bush, Arkansas Geological Commission
Ms. Susan Cromwell, Department of Information Systems
Mr. Randy Jones, First Electric Cooperative Corporation
Ms. Shirley Sandlin, Benton County Assessor
Mr. Jubal Smith, Entergy Corporation, Inc.
Ms. Phyllis Smith, UALR
Ms. Suzanne Wiley, U of A Cooperative Extension Services

Not Attending

Mr. Chris Boudreaux, Conway Corporation
Mr. Cecil Davis, Department of Arkansas Heritage
Mr. Fred Limp, CAST
Mr. Phil Schoettlin, Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Jim Wells, Wellsco Graphics Solutions

Special Representatives

Mr. Shelby Johnson, State Land Information Coordinator
Mr. Learon Dalby, GIS Specialist
Ms. Ada Cleveland, Benton County Assessor's Office


The special meeting to discuss legislation and the evening's presentation to the Legislative Women's Caucus was called to order. Approval of the minutes from February 14, 2001, was postponed until the next meeting.

Report of the State Land Information Coordinator

Shelby Johnson explained that all bills have been filed. Senate Bill 580, the bill that amends the existing code, is being sponsored by Senator Brenda Gullett. Senate Bill 495 was filed and has been amended. He said that he has spent a lot of time with Senator Gullett going through both bills. SB495 as it was originally filed had a problem with the title and it was amended.

Discussion followed on the content of the bills. Shelby said that he didn't think there would be problems getting both bills out of committee. The Board discussed the funding wording in the bills, and Shelby said that if appropriation amounts must be decreased, he would drop some cooperative data money. He feels that even if the request for funding in that area has to be cut, money can be raised through other sources.

Plans for Women's Caucus Presentation

The Board discussed the presentation that will be given to the 26 members of the Women's Caucus later in the evening. The agenda will be:

  • Senator Gullett will talk

  • Suzanne Wiley will introduce the Board members

  • Senator Gullett will do the presentation on the bills

  • Shelby Johnson will give an overview of SLIB projects and objectives and Jubal Smith will present his stakeholder's presentation on economic development

The members will also talk to Senator Gullett and seek her guidance on how to approach about the committee meeting on Tuesday.

Parcel Project

Shelby Johnson reported that there are no changes or dramatic updates in the status of the proposed Parcel Project. This will be discussed as necessary through the legislative session.


Suzanne Wiley inquired if there was any other legislation of which the Board needed to be aware. Shelby Johnson said that there is a bill by Representative Green which deals with plugging in the authority for 911 systems to buy digital mapping. He explained that apparently this is not explicitly spelled out in existing code and this new bill is an amendment to that code, and that he is tracking it. Shelby said that another is House Bill 1968, which is a soil and water bill. Suzanne Wiley pointed out that the money request is the same as the first soil and water bill, but that 60 out of the 75 counties have been finished at this point in time. Shelby explained that the bill is for county soils, saltwater contamination, water monitoring, so it could be a variety of things, and that if it completes the county soils it is a tremendous improvement. Bill Bush commented that this is just an appropriation and they will also have to compete for funds.

Discussion followed regarding the upcoming legislative committee hearing and what Senator Gullett will expect of the attending Board members.

New Business

New business was tabled until the next meeting.

Future Meetings

A tentative meeting was set for March 20.

The meeting was adjourned and the members proceeded to the Women's Caucus meeting.