January 14 , 2004
Arkansas State Land Information Board
July 21, 2004, 9:15 a.m.– 12:45 p.m.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Don Reynolds Center for Business and Economic Development
Room 460
Little Rock, AR


Board Members Attending

Mr. Russell Gibson, City of Fort Smith
Dr. Fred Limp, Director, CAST (Proxy by Brian Culpepper)
Mr. Yancey Reynolds, Reynolds Realty
Ms. Phyllis Smith, UALR
Mr. Randy Jones, First Electric Cooperative Corporation (Proxy by Todd Schroeder)
Ms. Suzanne Wiley, Higher Education Representative
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan, Benton County 911
Mr. Bill Bush, State Agency Representative
Mr. Jubal Smith, Entergy Corp
Judge David Hudson, Sebastian County

Board Members Not Present

Mr. Earl Smith, Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Mr. Mike McGibbony, formerly DIS

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO)

Mr. Shelby Johnson, State Geographic Information Coordinator
Mr. Learon Dalby, GIS Program Manager
Mr. Amrut Khatri


Mr. Bill Sneed, USGS


Phyllis Smith, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. She distributed the amended minutes from the previous meeting. Learon Dalby shared an article he wrote for Earth Observation Magazine about the use of GIS in the Alread, AR man-hunt.

A resolution recognizing Jim Wells’ service on the Board was passed around for signatures.

Approval of Minutes

Suzanne Wiley moved to approve as amended the minutes from the previous meeting of May 19, 2004. Mary Kay Sullivan seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Report from State Geographic Information Coordinator

Shelby Johnson gave a report on the activities of the AGIO. Since the last meeting, the AGIO has applied for several federal grants.


The Federal Department of Homeland Security (FDHS) announced an Information Technology Evaluation Program (ITEP), administered by the DHS Office for Domestic Preparedness and the Office of the Chief Information Officer. The program is geared towards developing information technology projects to enhance homeland security. The AGIO made a proposal to ITEP to support an update of centerline data around three critical assets.

The announcement of the ITEP award should be in September.


The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP) funds work in support of the goals of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, including development of web feature services, development of metadata, and participation in The National Map. The AGIO participated in three proposals for CAP funding:

  1. The AGIO assisted CAST with a proposal to improve its web feature services to increase the functionality of GeoStor.
  2. Funds were applied for to support the automation and replication of Fort Smith data in GeoStor and The National Map.
  3. The AGIO applied for funds to bring together participants in the County Assessor Mapping Program (CAMP).

Announcement of FGDC award(s) should be out in late August or early September.

CMRS Grant

At the SLIB’s request, the AGIO made a proposal to the Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) Board to aid in the development and completion of centerline data for all counties throughout the state. Shelby presented a brief version of AGIO’s July 20th presentation to the CMRS Board. The presentation included information on the background of the AR Centerline File (ACF) Program.

Tangent to the discussion of the CMRS grant, Shelby gave an overview of the current state of the ACF Program. The AGIO’s presentation included sample costs for the ACF Program.

Shelby passed out copies of a public service booklet which explains the phases of FCC Wireless E9-1-1. The booklet was produced by the AGIO and funded by the Arkansas GIS Users Forum.

CMRS tabled their decision on providing funding for the ACF Program until their August meeting.

Judge Hudson moved that the SLIB go on record as supporting AGIO’s proposal to the CMRS Board. Shelby indicated that a letter to the CMRS Board would be a welcome measure of support. Judge Hudson moved that the SLIB send a letter of support to the CMRS Board regarding AGIO’s proposal. Yancey Reynolds seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Report from other AR Geographic Information Office (AGIO) staff

CAMP – County Assessor Mapping Program
Richie Pierce is training Randolph County for CAMP, mapping polygons. Fifty-eight counties have been through training phase I. Ten to twenty counties are currently working on phase II (polygons).

Arkansas Cadastral Mapping Standard
Shelby reported that on July 2, 2004 the official state cadastral mapping standard was adopted. (http://www.gis.state.ar.us/Downloads/CAMP/Resources/Standards/Cad_standard_FINAL.pdf)

Graphic of the Month
Shelby drew the Board’s attention to the Graphic of the Month on the AGIO website (http://www.gis.state.ar.us/AGIO/Map_gallery.htm). This month’s graphic features Crawford County’s progress in CAMP Phase II.

ACF: Arkansas Centerline File Program
The current status of the ACF Program was addressed in the course of the AGIO’s discussion of their proposal to the CMRS Board. Currently 16 counties have achieved the state standards. Seven counties are out for bid. Seven counties have contractors in the field right now. Nineteen feature vendors have signed FV MOUs.

The Census Bureau is doing geometry mapping in five or six Arkansas counties. They will return the geometry to the state, and the AGIO will work with the counties to compile the attribute data.

HAVA: Help America Vote Act
At the end of June, AGIO staff members attended a county clerks’ conference in Eureka Springs. Clerks from about 65 counties spent a day being introduced to GIS, the SLIB programs, GeoStor, and the AGIO’s HAVA pilot project in Madison and Monroe counties. Shelby expressed a desire for a project aimed at county clerks, who could benefit substantially from GIS technology

FEMA Flood Map Modernization Program
The program is currently working in a number of counties to supply data to Federal Emergency Management Agency contractors.

The Map Modernization Management Support Program is working with the Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission to submit a proposal under which FEMA would fund a staff member either through AGIO or through Soil & Water to assist with the coordinating the update of flood maps.

Education Facilities Task Force
The Education Facilities Task Force is in the process of assessing all public school facilities in Arkansas. AGIO has been asked to make an online application to make the facility assessment data available to legislators.

School District Boundaries
Shelby stated that school district boundaries as of 1 July are now available through GeoStor, but are likely to change as districts consolidate.

Other Information
Shelby informed the Board of the resignation of AGIO staff member Joakim Jörwall.

Report on GeoStor and Related Projects

Learon presented a report on GeoStor and related projects.

Total data downloads using GeoSurf: 83,788
Vector: 63,698
Raster: 20,090
Native (new version 4.0) 73 different users
Registered users: 4,424
GeoStor Version 4.0 went online July 1, 2004. The new version is more user-friendly, and new functionality includes View Layer and View Attributes displays. To date there have been 60 new users and 1,107 downloads.

Learon announced that Arkansas has the first multilingual statewide geospatial data clearinghouse in the nation. GeoStor is now available in both English and Spanish.

Fort Smith
Bill Sneed acquired USGS funding to replicate Fort Smith’s data in GeoStor on The National Map website. Bill discussed the very positive response received by a presentation about Fort Smith’s data at MidAmerica GIs Consortium Conference (MAGIC). The next step will be to acquire a live linkage so that GeoStor’s Fort Smith data are always live in The National Map. Shelby pointed out the significance of the Fort Smith project, which may pave the way for communities such as Hot Springs, Little Rock, West Memphis, and other urban areas around the state to develop similar projects.

Benton/Washington County imagery and elevation data
Learon discussed the Benton and Washington County imagery and elevation data. These counties are willing to pay for the data to be loaded into GeoStor. Benefits include local user and contractors’ access to the data.

Old Business

Interim Study Committee
No report was made on the status of the Interim Study Committee. Shelby stated that he has sent two emails to Senator Gullett since the last meeting, but has received no response. Suzanne said that she has a new email address for Senator Gullett and will pass it on to Shelby and Phyllis for follow-up.

ADOP II progress
Learon presented a report on the status of Arkansas Digital Ortho Program (ADOP) II. The AGIO have hosted 4-5 aerial photography companies to learn about the newest digital sensor technology. There are multiple options: the entire state could be done at one-meter resolution, or one-meter resolution in rural areas and one-foot resolution in urban areas, or any combination thereof. Learon showed examples of both three-band and near-infrared images of the same area. AGIO staff members have talked to previous cooperators and there is interest but no money committed to date.

There was general agreement that if the SLIB is to pursue a 2005 update, the SLIB should put out an RFP to refine cost estimates. Shelby suggested that the RFP include proposals both for a square mile at one-meter resolution and for a square mile at one-foot resolution.

A motion was made by Suzanne to put out an RFP for the update of DOQQ imagery. The motion was seconded by Mary Kay and passed unanimously.

Board Members

Suzanne stated that all private-sector Board member terms end in August. The Board needs to submit names to the governor as suggestions for replacement members. Phyllis suggested that everyone gives the matter some thought and that further discussion could take place on the listserve.

Replacement for Mike McGibbony
Phyllis informed the Board that Mike McGibbony has not submitted a letter of resignation yet.

Advisory Council Meeting

Suzanne suggested that the Board set a tentative date for the next Advisory Council meeting. Randy Jones had previously volunteered First Electric’s boardroom as a meeting facility. Todd Schroeder confirmed that First Electric can host the meeting, and will check on facilities and dates.

Judge Hudson asked the Board to consider its goals for a meeting with of the Advisory Council. Observations that were made included:
the Council had not met in a long time;
the SLIB could benefit from input from the Advisory Council;
desired legislation could be presented to the Advisory Council; and
the SLIB would be able to take advantage of heightened enthusiasm for an imagery
update and have the Council help identify potential sources of income.

Judge Hudson suggested that the staff put together a professional program for presentation to the Advisory Council.

General discussion resulted in a consensus that late October, before October 24th, would be the most appropriate time for a meeting of the Advisory Council.

New Business

SLIB Legislation—travel expenses and DIS representative
Phyllis raised the question of reimbursement for travel expenses for Board members. Bill Bush stated that there is a piece of legislation covering all boards’ stipends and expenses, which could potentially be amended to include the SLIB. This piece of legislation would supersede the SLIB’s current legislation.

Shelby pointed out that the SLIB’s current legislation uses the term “compensation,” not “reimbursement.” He said that he is in the process of seeking advice from the Bureau of Legislative Research to clarify the difference between the two. If reimbursement for travel expenses is not considered compensation, then travel expenses could be written into the SLIB’s operating budget.

It was agreed that the SLIB would wait to hear clarification from the Bureau of Legislative Research.

AmericaView Memorandum of Understanding – Past & Future Activities
Shelby gave an overview of the USGS AmericaView Program. The SLIB has a Memorandum of Understanding with the AmericaView consortium (http://www.cast.uark.edu/cast/arkansas_view/member_benefits/AmericaView_USGS_Arkansas.pdf).

An Arkansas delegation will be attending an AmericaView conference in Sioux Falls, SD in September to receive information on technology updates, etc.

ArkansasView is using outreach funding to support workshops and activities to expose people to remote sensing and imagery. Representatives will be hosting a booth at a precision agriculture symposium in November.

Discussion is underway to establish a remote sensing/imagery users group as a subset of the Arkansas GIS Users Forum. ArkansasView is also working to acquire imagery in support of work being done by Arkansas Game & Fish.

SLIB Brochure/Website
The SLIB brochure was assembled by Leann Manning of AGIO. Comments from the Board were solicited regarding the SLIB brochure.

Phyllis stated that it was important that the brochure not include data that would “date” the brochure. This would provide a longer shelf life to the brochure.

Phyllis asked that all Board members take a brochure with them and to forward any further comments and suggestions.

AGIO/AHTD Partnershipping
Learon updated the Board on the status of AGIO’s partnership with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. Robert Fuhler, AR GIS Users Forum Chair, invited GeoStor and CAST staff to make a presentation to AHTD staff. Brian Culpepper gave a brief outline of CAST’s presentation to the AHTD, during which Fred Limp led a primarily technical discussion of GeoStor’s resources.

It was observed that AHTD would make a good partner for ADOP II and hope was expressed that AHTD will become involved in the process. Shelby confirmed the initiative that Robert has taken in establishing a good relationship between the AHTD and AGIO and also commended Brian for CAST’s role in the process.

Forum Suggestions
At the last GIS Users Forum meeting, Fred Limp mentioned the possibility of Forum members’ input to the SLIB. Phyllis sent two emails to the Forum listserve requesting input. She received only one reply. It voiced concern that the SLIB was not watching the GIS certification issue close enough. Phyllis assured the Forum member that the Board was staying abreast of the certification issues. A discussion ensued concerning the role of the Board in certification. The consensus was that the Board, by legislative mandate, is not a regulatory agency and can not serve that role.

Strategic Planning
Phyllis asked the Board to consider what legislation might be desirable. Shelby pointed out that SLIB would have a harder time getting legislation passed without Senator Brenda Gullett who has served as our legislative sponsor, and asked the Board to consider appropriate legislative representatives whom they could ask for support.

Judge Hudson raised the point that special interests need to understand the connection of GIs to economic development. He said that the county judges will be meeting Sept 22-24th, and suggested that if the SLIB were able to get on the program with a strong presentation it could be a good source of support in getting money through the general appropriations process.

Comments from Guests



Bill Bush moved to adjourn. Russell seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Phyllis will send out possible dates for next meeting via email.

Strategic Planning – Fred, Bill, Suzanne
Communication/Public Relations – Jubal, Phyllis, Mary Kay
Task Force for Legislative Action – David, Russell, Bill, Randy, Suzanne, Phyllis
State Agency GIS Position Descriptions – Bill, Earl