February 5 , 2005

Arkansas State Land Information Board February 5, 2005

Teleconference Meeting, 1:30pm - 2:00pm Little Rock, AR


Board Members Attending
Ms. Suzanne Wiley, U of A Cooperative Extension Service
Ms. Phyllis Smith, U of A at Little Rock
Mary Kay Sullivan, Benton County E-911
Russell Gibson, City of Fort Smith
Yancey Reynolds, Reynolds Real Estate
Tracy Moy, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Mark Ouidin, Private Sector
Brian Culpepper, Proxy for Dr Fred Limp, Director of the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

Board Members Not Present
Bill Bush, Arkansas Geological Commission
Earl Smith, Arkansas Soil & Water Conservation Commission
Bob Stanley, Grandeur Fasteners
Judge David Hudson, Sebastian County

Arkansas Geographic Information Office
Mr. Shelby Johnson, State Geographic Information Coordinator
The meeting was called to order by Russell Gibson, Board Chair at 1:35pm. The minutes from the January, 2005 board meeting were not prepared and were tabled until the next meeting.

Russell began the discussion of the agenda dealing with Senate Bill 265 to Amend 15-21-503 concerning the Arkansas State Land Information Board. Russell re-stated from the draft minutes dated January 10, 2005 that Judge Hudson had suggested that the AGIO contact the governor’s new Technology Policy Advisor for the Board about opening up the bill to make these changes for his opinion on this issue, and that Shelby Johnson would report back to the Board. He then requested Shelby provide an update.

Shelby stated he took notes and copies of mark ups to the existing code during the Board meeting of January 10th. Following this he requested a review of the proposed changes from through Doug Elkins and the Governor’s Technology Policy Advisor. The Governor’s Office responded they would not review any laws unless it was a draft in final bill form. Shelby proceeded from this point by sending the proposed changes to Beth Carson at the Bureau of Legislative Research, who took the language and placed in their bill drafting software to put the changes in bill form. Then draft was then sent to the Governor’s office and a copy sent to the Land Information Board list. The following day Kerry Rodtnick, Technology Policy Advisor from the Governor’s Office responded their review was favorable and the bill was handed off to their legislative team who would find sponsors. The bill was then filed by Senator Terry Smith and Rep. Pyle and Rep. Green on February 1, 2005.

Russell Gibson suggested the Board review each of the proposed changes for final endorsement. Copies of the bill were emailed through the Board email list. He read the changed language from each section of the bill and discussed the implication of the change. Board members discussed their view and concurred with each change. At the close of this discussion Russell called for a motion.

Phyllis Smith motioned for the Board to endorse Senate Bill 265 and for the State Geographic Information Coordinator to follow the bill through the legislative process and to update the Board during the process. Suzanne Wiley seconded the motion. Russell called for discussion of the motion. There was no discussion. The vote was called and the motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business on the agenda a motion to adjourn was made by Suzanne Wiley and seconded by Phyllis Smith. The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.