August 24, 2005

Arkansas State Land Information Board August 24 , 2005

By Teleconference AGIO 124 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 200, Little Rock, AR

10:00am - 12:00pm

Toll Free Dial In Number: (877)826-8983
Start Date and Time End Date and Time Duration
Aug 24 2005 10:00 AM CDT, Wed Aug 24 2005 12:00 PM CDT, Wed 2 hr 00 mins

Board Member Attending
Mr. Yancey Reynolds
Dr. Robert Kissell
Ms. Tracy Moy
Dr. Fred Limp
Mr. Russell Gibson
Mr. Earl Smith
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan
Judge David Hudson
Ms. Phyllis Poche-Smith

Board Members Absent
Mr. Mark Oudin
Mr. Bob Stanley
Mr. Bill Bush

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Learon Dalby
Shelby Johnson


Call meeting to order at 10:04am by Chairman Gibson.

Approval of Minutes for 7/20/2005
MOTION: Earl Smith motioned approval of the minutes dated 7/20/05, SECOND: Dr. Fred Limp seconded the motion. No discussion the motion passed

• New member, Dr. Robert Kissell
• Re-appointees, Fred and Phyllis
Chairman Gibson gave brief comments concerning the member status of the Board. A welcome was extended to the newest member Dr. Robert Kissell, from the University of Arkansas, Monticello. Chairman Gibson acknowledged Dr. Fred Limp was reappointed to the Board and Phyllis Poche-Smith’s reappointment notice was pending arrival.

AGIO Report
• Update on Arkansas Digital Ortho Request for Proposals
• Update on G2 Progress
Shelby Johnson, State Geographic Information Coordinator provided the Board brief updates on the Arkansas Digital Ortho Request for Proposals and the progress being made on the GeoStor transition.

Old Business
• Final Board Approval on Grant Funding Options for Arkansas Centerline

Shelby Johnson led members through the grant application package highlighting the major changes made to the document from the last meeting. Minor grammatical and editorial changes were noted. The Board discussed the following items dealing with content and intent in more detail:
- Page 4 Re-write ineligibility section concerning passage of local fees to implement E-911
- Page 4 Eligibility paragraph on computer aided drafting should be re-written to require those systems to be capable of storing centerline attributes and topology
- Page 4 Ineligibility paragraph a item to include E-911 dispatch software is not eligible
- The application must include cosignatory lines where appropriate for other addressing authorities in each county, a letter of support from each addressing authority, and references to other addressing authorities in the Quorum Court ordinance to acknowledge and encourage cooperation and coordination.
- Include mileage chart by county as an appendix to the package.

The discussion concluded. MOTION: Earl Smith Motion directed staff to make changes discussed today and redistribute to the Board. SECOND: Phyllis Poche-Smith Second – ASLIB Motion passed.

• Discuss and plan for Strategic Planning meeting
The Board briefly discussed materials necessary and issues for its next meeting to be devoted to revising the State GIS Strategic Plan. Meeting scheduled for Wednesday October 26th, 9:30am at AGIO Offices, 124 West Capitol, Suite 990, Little Rock.

New Business
No New Business

MOTION: To adjourn by Judge David Hudson SECOND: Phyllis Poche-Smith seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned 11:26am