October 26 , 2005

Arkansas State Land Information Board
October 26, 2005
AGIO, 124 West Capitol Ave., Suite 200, Little Rock, AR
9:30am – 4:30pm

Board Members Attending
Ms. Tracy Moy
Mr. Brian Culpepper (proxy for Mr. Fred Limp)
Mr. Russell Gibson
Mr. Ken Brazil (proxy for Mr. Earl Smith)
Mr. Bill Bush
Judge David Hudson
Ms. Mary-Kay Sullivan
Mr. Rob Kissell
Mr. Bob Stanley
Ms. Phyllis Poche

Board Members Absent
Mr. Yancey Reynolds

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Learon Dalby
Kimberly Bogart
Shelby Johnson

Bill Sneed- USGS
Ms. Suzanne Wiley


Meeting called to order by Chairman Gibson at 9:40am

Approval of Minutes for August 24th, 2005 teleconference
Motion: Bill Bush motioned approval of the minutes dated 08/24/05.
Second: Mary Kay Sullivan seconded the motion. No discussion, the motion passed

Welcomed to meeting by Russell Gibson
AGIO report from State Geographic Information Coordinator
• AGIO has moved to 9th floor

• Aided Governor’s office in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts
• One major item that came out of the Hurricane Katrina’s response was that GIS technology was acknowledged for the assistance that it provided the relief effort

• Review committee was made up of persons outside of the office, but chaired by Learon Dalby of the AGIO
• Office of State Procurement worked with the technical ratings determined by the review committee and then compared them to the cost proposals to determine that Earthdata from Maryland was the highest ranked contractor to begin negotiations for the project
• Vendor is currently registering with state to become a vendor with the state and we hope to have a signed contract soon
• They have previous experience with state wide imagery coverage
• Deliverable products will be one meter natural color and infrared imagery (using a digital sensor) and a five meter DEM statewide at a cost of $998,762
• Contractor will deliver all raw source files – these can be used by research facilities in the state
• Representative from the company will be at the GIS Users Forum Symposium next week in Hot Springs

• After ADOP negotiations were concluded a local buy up option was discussed. Since state was covering the start up cost, EarthData is willing to offer one foot resolution imagery for $118/sq mile with the condition that the area be equal to or in excess of 500 sq. miles
• AGIO estimates roughly five counties are needed to participate due to a 2,500 sq. mile minimum requirement for buy up option to be offered
• At least one year for product deliverable. Will fly at lower altitude to capture one foot
• Local option decision to participate must be made before Dec. 15th. This will result in an individual contract between the county and the vendor with the AGIO handling the quality checks and the final delivery of the product to the county

• Flights will start after 1st of the year

Discussion ensued

Transition update: Beta test release is still planned for User Forum Symposium. Original GeoStor will continue to be available from CAST through the end of the year. Live release planned for 1st of the year www.geostor.arkansas.gov. Release announcement will be made at User Forum Symposium. There will be a workshop on how to use the new system at the Symposium next week.
Arkansas Road Centerline File Grant Update
The Arkansas Geographic Information Office has continued to respond to questions and requests for assistance from County applicants intending to submit grant applications for the October 31, 2005 deadline. The Office does not have a projection on the number of applications for the first round. A report will be prepared and sent to Board members outlining the applicants shortly following the round one application deadline. Shelby requested that a meeting be scheduled for Mid-November for the Board to review the grant applications. Once the applications are reviewed the board will then turn the final decision over to the Governor’s office. At this time Baxter County is the only county to submit a complete proposal. Discussion ensued.

Strategic Planning and discussion of future goals and objectives for the SLIB

Suzanne Wiley moderated the Strategic Planning section of the meeting. Called to order at 11:16am.

The Previous Strategic Plan, Arkansas Code, and the Arkansas I-Team Plan (http://www.gis.state.ar.us/Documents/AR_ITeam.pdf) was passed out to the board members for review. These will be the guidelines for this discussion.

The I-Team Reports name was changed to the Arkansas Framework Status Report

The board members were asked to choose an area of interest among the framework data layers listed in the previous I-Team Report and to lead a committee concerning the acquisition of that data layer.

Framework data committees:
Census/Demographics: Phyllis Poche
Governmental Units: Phyllis Poche
Cadastral: Mary Kay Sullivan
Critical Infrastructure: Russell Gibson
Ortho-imagery: Earl Smith/Ken Brazil
Elevation: Brian Culpepper/Fred Limp
Geodetic Control: Russell Gibson
Geology: Bill Bush
Hydrography: Tracy Moy
Land Use Land Cover: Rob Kissell
PLSS: Russell Gibson
Soils: Earl Smith/Ken Brazil
Transportation: Judge Hudson
ACF: Mary Kay Sullivan

Changes suggested for the Mission Statement of the Strategic Plan:

• Rob Kissell – using GIS in support of sustainable land use

• Russell Gibson et al. - Utilize economic development issues to promote GIS

• Bill Bush suggested that the term “reduced costs” be removed so to avoid complications when trying to seek additional monies, as it can be interpreted differently by different individuals.

Changes suggested for the Vision Statement of the Strategic Plan:
Judge Hudson suggested creating a vision that deals with strategy, methods, quality of data, accessibility, standards, and educational programs for decision makers

Discussion ensued.


Goals that should be considered to be added:
Judge Hudson would like something about economic development to be added as a GOAL

Suzanne suggests that economic development fits under goals 1 and 3.

Discussion ensued.

Individual goals from the Strategic Plan were reviewed and draft changes were made to the plan.

Future meeting dates

November 1st Board meeting: ARGIS User Forum Symposium, Austin Hotel, Hot Springs, AR, 6:00pm

Comments from guests

Motion: Phyllis Poche motioned the meeting be adjourned
Second: Mary Kay Sullivan seconded the motion. No discussion the motion passed.

Meeting concluded at 4:30pm.

Minutes prepared by Kimberly Bogart