November 1 , 2006


Arkansas State Land Information Board
Minutes November 1, 2006
Meeting held at AGIO offices, Little Rock, AR
9:30am – 12:00pm

Board Members Attending
Judge David Hudson (via phone)
Dr. Fred Limp (proxy by Brian Culpepper via phone)
Ms. Tracy Moy
Mr. Robert Newell
Ms. Phyllis Poché – Chairman
Mr. Earl Smith
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan (via phone)
Mr. Bob Stanley
Dr. Rob Kissell

Board Members Absent
Ms. Bekki White
Mr. Russell Gibson
Mr. Yancey Reynolds – Vice Chairman

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Mr. Learon Dalby
Mr. Shelby Johnson

Bill Sneed, U.S. Geological Survey

Meeting called to order by Chairman Poché at 9:30am.

Chairman Poché reviewed changes that had been made to the minutes after they were sent out via email.
The minutes of the August 2, 2006 meeting were approved following a motion by Tracy Moy and a second by Robert Newell.

Chairman Poché extended a welcome to the Board’s newest member, Ms. Bekki White, AR Geological Commission. Unfortunately Ms. White Bekki was unable to attend the Board meeting today because she was scheduled out of town on this date.

Report from State Geographic Information Office
CAMP- Learon reported on the CAMP-camp workshop that was funded by generous donations from Mid-America GIS Consortium, AR GIS Users Forum, and the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department. The AGIO will continue to host these workshops and funding is available.

ACF- The counties involved in the grant program continue to move along. AGIO staff continues to update and post ACF data to GeoStor as time permits. Maintaining the ACF file is becoming increasingly taxing on the AGIO staff. AGIO Staff are looking seeking alternative solutions for maintenance.

ADOP- All local buy-up files have been received with the exception of a portion of Saline County. The City of Hot Springs has reviewed their data and approved its acceptance. Thus far all coordinating participants have been very pleased with the quality of the data. 546 DEM files have been delivered. AGIO staff are completing the quality control of that data. Preliminary results are very good. The final delivery schedule calls for completion December 31, 2006.

GeoStor- System continues to grow. Staff time is allocated to the system daily due to the number of data sets and user applications being developed. Stats topped half a million images served last month.

New Business
Jackson County Centerline Grant
Shelby provided background regarding Jackson County’s request for an extension. General discussion ensued. Judge Hudson made a motion that Phyllis send a letter to the Jackson County Judge granting the extension and conveying the concerns of the Board members in granting such an extension. Bob Stanley seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Further discussion ensued with an additional request by Judge Hudson for the letter to also be sent to the County Judge Elect who will take office after the first of the year. The motion passed

Arkansas Legislative Council Joint Budget Committee
Information Technology Sub-Committee Meeting, Nov 9th, 1:30pm. State Capital Room 272
Shelby provided a briefing on the referring of AGIO budget committee to the Information Technology Sub-Committee. General discussion ensued.

Arkansas Records Retention Training Materials
Shelby provided a brief overview and encouraged each Board member review the materials handed out. Additionally, Shelby told the Board that the AGIO has attempted to maintain a copy of all of the ASLIB substantive records.

Data Loading Approval
          Camp Robinson and Fort Chaffee Boundary data
Tracy Moy made a motion to approve the loading of the National Guard file into GeoStor. Robert Kissell seconded the motion which passed.

Old Business
City Boundary Changes Legislation
There was nothing new to discuss on issue.

GIS Layer Priorities

Imagery for the Nation Initiative (IFTN):
Shelby led a discussion regarding the Boards support for the Imagery for the Nation initiative.  He explained the many ways the program would benefit Arkansas.  Board members were provided a brochure about the program highlighting its goals and deliverables.  The AGIO prepared a resolution supporting the program modeled after resolution’s adopted by several other states supporting the program.  

Judge Hudson made a motion to adopt the resolution to support the resolution as drafted.

Robert Kissell seconded the motion and it passed.  (See attached resolution as adopted.)

Next meeting date
Chairman Poché will send out possible dates for future ASLIB meetings.

Comments from guests

Motion:  Earl Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Second:  Tracy Moy seconded the motion.  No discussion, the motion passed unanimously.
Meeting concluded at 11:42am

Minutes prepared by Learon Dalby / Shelby Johnson

Arkansas State Land Information Board Resolution in Support of Imagery for the Nation

Whereas, aerial imagery, in the form of digital orthophotos, is a fundamental building block for public and private geographic information systems in Arkansas; and
Whereas, this aerial imagery has been developed by local, state, and federal government agencies in various pixel resolutions at widely irregular intervals, sometimes with costly duplication of efforts; and

Whereas, the Arkansas State Land Information Board (ASLIB) led cooperative statewide digital orthophotography programs in 2000, and 2006 known as the Arkansas Digital Ortho Program (ADOP); and

Whereas, the ADOP data is an essential component for County E-911 offices in the development and maintenance of road centerline data in the counties for emergency services; and

Whereas, the ADOP data is necessary for the County Assessor Mapping Program in the County Assessor Offices for the development and maintenance of digital cadastral data in the counties for the fair and equitable administration of property assessments; and

Whereas, a number of cities and counties within Arkansas determined one meter resolution is not adequate or out of date and are pursuing development and maintenance of higher resolution digital orthoimagery to serve their needs, and

Whereas, the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) passed an “Aerial Imagery for the Nation” initiative that requests federal leadership and financial support for aerial imagery to be acquired and refreshed on a three-year cycle that will benefit Arkansas; and

Whereas, the ASLIB vision for a robust ADOP in Arkansas is completely aligned to the objectives in the “Aerial Imagery for the Nation” initiative; and

Whereas, the ASLIB established by Arkansas Code 15-201-501 thru 504, is responsible for developing a strategy for the creation of the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure; pursuing activities that result in coordinated, cost-effective programs for spatial data development and distribution; and encouraging and coordinating collaborative spatial project efforts and rewarding participants of collaborative efforts that result in economies of scale or demonstrable cost savings.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE ARKANSAS STATE LAND INFORMATION BOARD endorses the “Imagery for the Nation” initiative advanced by the National States Geographic Information Council.   Further, it is resolved that the Arkansas State Land Information Board will actively promote this initiative to statewide stakeholders, state and local government leadership, and the Arkansas Congressional Delegation.

Adopted Date: November 1, 2006
Phyllis Poche, Chair                                                 Yancey Reynolds, Vice-Chair