March 7, 2007

Arkansas State Land Information Board
Minutes March 7, 2006
Meeting held at AGIO offices, Little Rock, AR
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Board Members Attending
Dr. Fred Limp (proxy by Brian Culpepper)
Ms. Tracy Moy
Ms. Phyllis Poché - Chairman
Ms. Bekki White

Board Members Absent
Mr. Bill Bush
Mr. Russell Gibson
Dr. Rob Kissell
Judge David Hudson (via phone)
Mr. Robert Newell
Mr. Yancey Reynolds – Vice Chairman
Mr. Earl Smith
Mr. Bob Stanley
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Ms. Kimberly Bogart
Mr. Learon Dalby
Mr. Shelby Johnson

Ms. Claire Bailey (acting director of OIT)

Meeting called to order by Chairman Poché at 1:22pm.  It was determined that a quorum was not present so no official Board business could be addressed.

Welcomed to meeting by Phyllis Poché.

AGIO report from State Geographic Information Coordinator

Dallas County centerline Grant
No quorum – discussion postponed until the next meeting.
Formal Comment by Chair: This needs to have immediate action.  On Friday and email will be sent out to all Board members to schedule a teleconference next week to discuss Dallas County’s request for an extension to their Grant Schedule.

AR Legislative Activities

HB 2586 – AGIO and DIS Merger 
If passed:
As of July 1st, 2007 - AGIO Funding, Positions and Reporting structure will be moved to DIS and under Claire Bailey, Director of DIS.  The AGIO’s offices will be on the 2nd floor of the Big Mac building next to the Capital.  IT Planning will be moved under the Department of Finance and Administration.  The Bill is currently on hold and under review. 

SB 453 – Centerlines and Addressing
Sponsored by Senator Broadway; General Improvement Funding Request that will allow funds to be given to Counties to assist in re-addressing in counties without 911 and provide funding to assist in the development of street centerlines.  The State can not make counties do this put this bill will provide funding to assist counties in need. 

SB 501 – Aerial Photography
Appropriation request to re-fly the entire state in the 2008-09 time period.

SB 433 – Automated Mapping System - Watersheds
Sponsored by Senator Madison; General Improvement Funding Request to enhance LU/LC Reporting and Application use of LU/LC.  Bill is not intended as a funding mechanism to produce LU/LC.

2008 National Agriculture Imagery Program cooperative opportunity
Nationwide project by the Farm Services Agency (FSA).  Capture leaf one imagery at a 2m resolution to be used to determine Farmer compliance.  The AGIO is investigating participation in a co-op imagery project.  The AGIO is receiving a copy of their 2006 imagery for GeoStor.

Cost estimate to elevation improvement
$1 million + tax
This does not include QA/QC

Landuse/Landcover cooperative opportunity
Shopping out an idea on why we need this dataset as a way to get support.  30m resolution, 2 seasons will cost $180,000 from start to finish.  This includes a vector layer of change detected.  Produced at CAST.

Travel reimbursement for 2007
No quorum – discussion postponed until the next meeting.

Grant Round 1 near completion with Grant Round 2 will be completed in 6 months.  There are some counties that the AGIO has concerns about and we are working with them so that they do not default on their Grant agreement.

Counties are still working on data development.  Several Counties will soon be added to GeoStor – both point and polygon data.  Training is schedule for 2 days later this month for both Phase I and Phase II participants. 

Aerial Imagery
CIR review is completed.  1’ & 1m Natural color is already available online.  Google has the 1’ loaded into their systems and Microsoft is not far behind.

There is continued interest in putting more applications on line (ADEQ, AG&F, Geology).  The system is showing increasing use of direct connect and application visits.

Old Business
No old business discussed.
Tentative dates for future meetings
No quorum – discussion postponed until the next meeting.

Comments from guests

Meeting concluded at     3:03pm

Minutes prepared by Kimberly Bogart