March 16, 2007

Arkansas State Land Information Board
Minutes March 16, 2006
By Teleconference
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Board Members Attending
Dr. Fred Limp (proxy by Brian Culpepper)
Mr. Russell Gibson
Dr. Rob Kissell
Ms. Tracy Moy
Ms. Phyllis Poché - Chairman
Mr. Yancey Reynolds – Vice Chairman
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan
Ms. Bekki White

Board Members Absent
Judge David Hudson
Mr. Robert Newell
Mr. Earl Smith
Mr. Bob Stanley

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Ms. Kimberly Bogart
Mr. Learon Dalby
Mr. Shelby Johnson

Mr. Blake Harrell of SWAPDD

Meeting called to order by Chair Poché at 2:03pm.

Board members welcomed to meeting by Chair.
The minutes of the November 1st, 2006 meeting were approved.
Motion: Yancey Reynolds motioned approval of the minutes
 dated 11/01/06.
Second: Russell Gibson seconded the motion.  No discussion,
 the motion passed unanimously.

AGIO report from State Geographic Information Coordinator

Dallas County centerline Grant
 Summary of the extension request was extended to the members of the Board (see attached).  Due to the loss of digital data by the contractor, Dallas County has requested a 6 month extension of their grant ending date to August 1st of 2007.

Following discussion with the contractor a motion was made to grant an extension.
Motion: Tracy Moy motioned the Board approve the grant
 extension to Dallas county.
Second: Mary Kay Sullivan seconded the motion.  No discussion,
 the motion passed unanimously.

Blake Harrell, Contractor’s office, left the teleconference call

Discussion ensued about how to manage future projects to include a backup when working on developing GIS data funded from the State by use of Grants.  This is an issue that will be included in any future GIS data projects as a term of the grant. 

The Board requests the AGIO to draft a letter recommending the current group of counties and contractors to utilize a backup option in their project development.

Travel reimbursement for 2007
It is a requirement of AR law that agencies, boards, and commissions adopt a motion to approve reimbursement for related expenses at the first scheduled board meeting of the year.

Motion: Bekki White motioned that the Board approve reimbursement for travel to official Board meetings and activities in 2007.
Second: Yancey Reynolds seconded the motion.  No discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Comments from guests
Next meeting is scheduled for April 18th, 2007. 9:30am -12:00pm

Meeting concluded at 2:31pm
Motion:  Bekki White made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Second:  Tracy Moy seconded the motion.
 No discussion, the motion passed unanimously

Minutes prepared by Kimberly Bogart, AGIO