April 18 , 2007

Arkansas State Land Information Board
Minutes April 18, 2007
Held at the AGIO offices
9am - 12pm

Board Members Attending
Mr. Russell Gibson
Judge David Hudson
Dr. Rob Kissell
Ms. Tracy Moy
Ms. Phyllis Poché - Chairman
Mr. Yancey Reynolds – Vice Chairman
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan
Ms. Bekki White

Board Members Absent
Dr. Fred Limp
Mr. Robert Newell
Mr. Earl Smith

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff
Ms. Kimberly Bogart
Mr. Shelby Johnson

Mr. Bill Sneed
Mr. Joe Clements Jr.

Meeting called to order by Chair Poché at 9:38am.

Board members and Advisory Panel Members welcomed to meeting by Chair.
The minutes of the March 16th, 2007 meetings were approved.
Motion: Bekki White motioned approval of the minutes dated 03/16/07.
Second: Rob Kissell seconded the motion.  No discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Elections Chair & Vice Chair  

Motion: Judge Hudson motioned that the current administration continue in their service to the Board
Second: Bekki White seconded the motion. 

Yancey has chosen to step down from the Vice Chair position. 

Judge Hudson has withdrawn his motion and Bekki White has withdrawn her second.

Nominations for Vice Chair: Tracy Moy
She has accepted the appointment.

Motion: Judge Hudson motioned that Phyllis remain the Chair and that Tracy Moy assume the position of Vice-Chair.

Second: Bekki White seconded the motion.  No discussion.  Motion passes unanimously. 

Discussion ensued about teleconference capability and attendance to meetings.  Does this count as attendance to the meeting?  The rules concerning this will be investigated. Tracey Moy suggested setting an individual rule that Board members can only use it once every 4 meetings.   Meetings will be scheduled farther in advance to allow for more planning of attendance.  The Chair desires a meeting with the Advisory Panel. There needs to be a planned program to acquaint the new members with the Board and renew our presence with the members who have been on the Panel from its creation The Chair would like to have the Board members present at that meeting. 

Judge Hudson wants an organized notebook of reference materials: names, affiliation/contact information, legislative background, goals and objectives, purpose, money, grants, state budget information, $ management information, acronyms..

Tracy Moy suggested an orientation for new Board members. It would assist in bringing them up to speed with the Board and its functions. 

Judge Hudson stated that more work should be put on the staff of AGIO as the Chair and Vice Chair have full time jobs and their responsibility should be more of an advisory one as opposed to doing all the work themselves. 
Vacant private sector position and upcoming term expirations

Bob Stanley officially resigned from the Board due to professional conflicts.  The Chair has transferred this information on to the agency that governs Boards. 

In August of 2007 Mark Kay Sullivan, Judge Hudson, and Russell Gibson’s terms are expiring.  If they are willing to serve another term they will need to make their intentions known for reappointment.

Robert Newell and Earl Smith have both been absent from several Board Meetings now. According to our legislation a letter should be sent to Michael McGrew for missing more than 3 meetings in a row.  Michael handles the appointments to the SLIB. The Chair has reminded the Mr. McGrew that appointees to this Board should be familiar with the workings of this board and its purpose.   

Bob Stanley’s term expires in 2008, and is from the Private Sector.  His replacement will serve out the existing term and then have the option to serve two full additional terms.

Kissell recommends Glen Dabney from Kingwood Forestry in Monticello, AR. 

Randy Everett from First Electric Co-op has shown interest in serving on the Board.  He is currently on the Advisory Panel. 

Candidates will need to fill out an online application.  The Appointments to Boards and Commissions department does consider recommendations from the Board on nominations. 

Discussion ensued about other possible nominations.

AGIO report from State Geographic Information Coordinator

Shelby described how the AGIO reporting structure will change with ACT751, of this session, which abolished the Office of Information Technology and sent GIS positions and duties under the Department of Information Systems.  The only change that concerns the Board is that everywhere in our legislation is that previously stated as Office of Information Technology to Department of Information Systems.  Claire Bailey, director of DIS, has had Chief Technology Officer added to her title so that we remain in compliance with OMB Circular A87.  Act 794 transfers the AGIO Agency Operations and Budget to DIS and the AGIO will remain a General Revenue Office.   

The AGIO RIF – move to DIS 2nd week in May. 

Discussion ensued on what this legislation will do to the daily operations of the AGIO. 

Statewide Digital Ortho-Photography Program (Act 1486)

Shelby passed out a summary of this bill to fund another acquisition of Aerial Imagery.  We have received appropriation for this project but it was not funded through the General Improvement Fund (GIF) bill by the session.  Since we have the appropriation, if we are able to find funding we will be able to conduct this project – but, timing would most likely push this until the winter of 2009. 

Road centerline File Progress (Act 1514)
Summary was handed out.  As with Act 1486, the bill was passed but not funded.  This bill would have issued a grant option to counties with physical addressing to complete their centerlines.  The 3 counties without physical addressed would also be provided a grant option to create physical addresses and build their centerlines. 

Surveying Legislation

Act 752 – Transfers the Division of Land Surveys from the Commissioner of State Lands to the Department of Agriculture

Act 1051 – Requires the State Surveyor to refer complaints to the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Act 1040 – Requires Licensed Surveyors to file a plat with the State Surveyors Office

This Act could have the large impact on the County Assessor’s Offices with their cadastral mapping. 

SB 190 – Did not pass - Would have placed a term limit on the position of State Surveyor

SB 433 – Automated Mapping System – Watersheds – status is unknown at this time

New Business

2008 National Agriculture Imagery Program cooperative opportunity
Function carried out by the USDA FSA to fly the State leaf-on. Their 2006 data is being loaded into GeoStor.  They do not have the funding to pay for the entire state in 2007 and are looking for additional sources of funding to increase their coverage.
Cost estimate to elevation improvement – to enforce hydro rules and put in break lines and to correct the data for the entire state – is $999,000.  We do not currently have the resources to do this and even if we were able to the data will still not meet FEMA’s Guidelines for use in Detailed Floodplain Studies. 

Landuse/Landcover cooperative opportunity – Identified State and Federal Agencies that would benefit having this data produced to try to find funding to develop this dataset.  Unfortunately we are hitting the deadline to conduct this project.

Discussion ensued on funding options and cooperative efforts.

Motion: Bekki White motioned that the Board approve reimbursement for travel to official Board meetings and activities in 2007.
Second: Yancey Reynolds seconded the motion.  No discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Old Business

Dallas County Centerline Grant

After visiting with the Southwest Arkansas Planning & Development District they have revised their plans toward completing this project and other county’s that they are creating for the ACF Program.  

Tentative dates for future meetings

Next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 2007 during the Fall Symposium in Eureka Springs. Time is TBD. 

December 5th is the tentative date set for the last meeting of 2007.

Comments from guests

Motion:  Mary Kay Sullivan made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Second:  Yancey Reynolds seconded the motion.
No discussion, the motion passed unanimously

Meeting concluded at 11:37am

Minutes prepared by Kimberly Bogart, AGIO