August 3 , 2007

Arkansas State Land Information Board
Teleconference Call Meeting
August 3, 2007
2:00pm – 2:20pm

Board Members Attending
Ms. Bekki White
Mr. Randy Everett
Mr. Russell Gibson
Dr. Rob Kissell
Dr. Fred Limp
Ms. Tracy Moy
Ms. Phyllis Poché - Chair
Mr. Earl Smith
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan

Board Members Absent
Mr. Robert Newell
Mr. Yancey Reynolds
Judge David Hudson

Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) Staff

Mr. Shelby Johnson


Meeting called to order at 2:00 pm

Road centerline grant extensions for Saline, Greene, and Crittenden counties
Shelby Johnson reviewed the status of the work done on each county’s road centerline grant. The AGIO recommended that each request for an extension be approved. After a short discussion the Board approved request for an extension on the Road Centerline Grant for Saline, Greene, and Crittenden counties.

Next meeting
September 19, 2007 at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, AR

Meeting concluded at 2:20 pm