Dr. Jackson Cothren


Director, Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas, 2009 - present.
Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas,

2004 - present.
Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR. Develop proposals, design and implement research. Team leader of multiple research projects with 10 research staff members. Oversee use of and develop training for Center's geodetic survey equipment. Assist in Center's budget preparation and maintenance. November 2002 - August 2004.

Photogrammetric Engineer, National Air Intelligence Center, United States Air Force, Dayton, OH. Directed photogrammetric and image understanding research for a division of 100+ imagery analysts and engineers. Developed proposals, designed and implemented research in imagery science and photogrammetry. Developed and administered multi-million dollar research and development budget. December 1999 - June 2001.

Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Mapping, The Ohio State University. Projects included Rapid Digital Elevation Mapping and Centerline Tracking for Mobile Mapping Platforms. Aug 1999 - Sep 2000.
Officer/Scientific Analyst, United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve. National Air Intelligence Center. Developed proposals for and was technical program manager of multi-million dollar budgets for research into improvement of intelligence collection from multi-source imagery including National Technical Means. Represented the National Air Intelligence Center on national-level technical intelligence working groups. Presented research and production results to national level working groups. Dayton, OH. August 1990 - December 1998.

Member, National Board of Directors, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Bethesda, Maryland. 2004 - 2008.


Appointed on 9/22/2009

Reappointed 8/20/2013

Expires on 8/1/2017 Two Full Terms